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Last Modified: 17 Feb 2009
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TED Upgrade 3.23

Ted Upgrade 3.23 is available, details of what has changed and how to install this upgrade are included below.

A new update system

This upgrade introduces you to Ted Central your automated update system. After this upgrade Ted Central will check for updates each time you run Ted. In this way you will never miss the latest update.

How to install this upgrade

Follow these instructions to install this upgrade

  • Close Ted if its is currently running
  • Download the following file:
  • You can either save this file first or immediately run/open it
  • If you wish to save the file first, it is recommended that you save it onto your Desktop so that it can be found easily later.
    Once saved you can start the upgrade by double clicking the new Ted-Upgrade-3.23-full icon on your desktop.
  • Follow the prompts as the upgrade makes changes to your Ted installation
  • The next time you run Ted it will inform you that Ted has been upgraded
  • If the upgrade was successfull and you had saved the upgrade file to your desktop, then you can delete the Ted-Upgrade-3.23-full file as it is no longer needed.