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Last Modified: 17 Feb 2009
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TED Upgrade 3.13

Ted Upgrade 3.13 is available, details of what has changed and how to install this upgrade are included below.

This upgrade contains the following changes

  • Latest Training Package Units of Competencies
  • Latest Suburb Post Codes
  • Ensure that Modules outside of Course do got shown on the Enrolment Summary report.
  • Add an option for showing details module information on the Trainees in Course report.
  • Fix the Trainee(s) with Comment report so that it works in mail merge mode.
  • Adjust the Statement of attainment report so that withdrawn hours are shown when appropriate.
  • Add a Subcontractor field onto the Qualification Details screen.
  • Fix the validation logic for Queensland Learner Unique Numbers

The following changes are specific to Tasmanian Vet in Schools

The Subcontracted To field and the We are the issuing RTO field have been removed and replaced by an RTO selection.

When you enrol a trainee in a course (or click on the Qualification button at the bottom of the Enrolment Details screen) you now have a drop down box to select the RTO. The entries in this drop down box can be modified or added to from the RTO menu at the top of main Ted window.

Existing trainees will have the new RTO box filled in based on the old We are the issuing RTO field. For trainees where you had entered that We are NOT the issueing RTO the new RTO field will be filled in with RTO not yet specified..., you will be required to change this and fill in the actual RTO before you send off your next TQA export.

How to install this upgrade

Follow these instructions to install this upgrade

  • Close Ted if its is currently running
  • Download the following file:
  • You can either save this file first or immediately run/open it
  • If you wish to save the file first, it is recommended that you save it onto your Desktop so that it can be found easily later.
    Once saved you can start the upgrade by double clicking the new Ted-Upgrade-3.13-full icon on your desktop.
  • Follow the prompts as the upgrade makes changes to your Ted installation
  • The next time you run Ted it will inform you that Ted has been upgraded
  • If the upgrade was successfull and you had saved the upgrade file to your desktop, then you can delete the Ted-Upgrade-3.13-full file as it is no longer needed.