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Last Modified: 26 May 2011
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TED Updates
  • 29th of April, 2011 Documentation is available that describes how to use the VSR Console that connects the Ted database to the Victorian Student Register.
    Download the User Manual.
  • 4th of June, 2009 Ted Upgrade 4.10 introduces changes to meet the new Skills Victoria AVETMISS requirements.
    Please read Ted Version 4.10 for full details of the changes.
  • 4th of May, 2009 Ted Upgrade 4.06 introduces a new AQTF Export facility.
    Please read Ted Version 4.06 for details on this AQTF Export.
  • Ted Upgrade are now automated through the Ted Central screen. Each time you run Ted it will check for any available updates. When you elect to update Ted will inform you of the changes made in each version and automate the downloading and installing of any changed files.
  • 14th of May, 2007 Ted Upgrade 3.42 is available.
    Please read Ted Version 3.42 for details of what has changed.
  • 14th of February, 2007 Ted Upgrade 3.35 is available.
    Please read Ted Version 3.35 for details of what has changed.
  • 13th of February, 2007 Ted Central ( is available.
    Save this file, Ted Central (, into your Ted folder, replacing the existing file.
  • 31st of January, 2007 Ted Upgrade 3.29 is available.
    Please read Ted Version 3.29 for details of what has changed and how to install this upgrade.
  • 23rd of November, 2006 Ted-Upgrade-3.23 (500KB) is available.
    Please read TED Upgrade 3.23 for details of what has changed and how to install this upgrade.
  • 3rd of October, 2006 Ted-Upgrade-3.13-full (2.0MB) is available.
    Please read TED Upgrade 3.13 for details of what has changed and how to install this upgrade.
  • 29th of September, 2006 Ted-Upgrade-3.12-full (2.0MB) is available.
    Please read TED Upgrade 3.12 for details of what has changed and how to install this upgrade.
  • 12th of July, 2006 Ted-Upgrade-3.07-full (1.5MB) is available.
    Ted version 3.07 includes:
    Add a Audit Listing report
    Add a Trainee Import option
  • 1st of June, 2006 Ted-Upgrade-3.06-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 3.06 includes:
    Changes to the List Trainee(s) in Course report
    - Fix a bug where the last entry in the list was not being printed
    - Add the option to filter by Enrolment Dates
  • 12th of May, 2006 Ted-Upgrade-3.04-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 3.04 includes:
    New option Show Module Enrolments in the List Trainee(s) in Course report
    Tas: New funding code 85 DEST Directly Funded Programms
  • 1st of May, 2006 Ted-Upgrade-3.03-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 3.03 includes:
    Nsw: Remove the automatic zero hours rule for Credit Transfer
  • 26th of April, 2006 Ted-Upgrade-3.02-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 3.02 includes:
    Add menus for 2002 and 2003 Avetmiss reporting
    Nsw: Report blank outcome rather than continuing studies
    Qld: Report all enrolments in the year even if not started
  • 7th of April, 2006 Ted-Upgrade-3.01-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 3.01 includes:
    Nsw: Fix ePayments reporting for Statements of Attainment
    Nsw: Fix ePayments export by Course Site (do not report all trainees)
  • 28th of March, 2006 Ted-Upgrade-3.00-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 3.00 includes:
    Put the comment field back on the Trainee details screen
    Mail Merge also includes email & phone numbers
    Allow International Phone Numbers that start with '+'
    Nsw: Fix ePayments reporting for Statements of Attainment
    Add Comment & LUID onto Enrolment Detail report
    Add Trainee(s) with Comment report
  • 14th of February, 2006 Ted-Upgrade-2.98-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.98 includes:
    Fix memory overflow on List Trainee(s) in Module report
    Add General History screen
    Change of ASCO Code when Descrition is the same is now saved correctly
    Qld: Add new Funding Codes: ECM, NC8
    Qld: Add new Outcome Codes: 25, 35
    Qld: Add new Delivery Stratergy: 23
    Qld: Add field Learner Unique Identifier
    Nsw: Meet new ePayments requirements
  • 14th of November, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.96-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.96 includes:
    Add missing file MSAFINX.DLL
  • 11th of November, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.95-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.95 includes:
    Clarification of to Victorian Avetmiss exporting for enrolments that will end by the end of the year but have not yet been assessed.
    Such enrolments may recieve an error of, The value ' ' is not a valid Outcome Identifier - National.
    Enrolments recieving this error are accepted by OTTE for any mid-year submissions but must be marked by the end of the year.
  • 25th of October, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.93-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.93 includes:
    Fix of Bulk Enrolment screen to stop loss of Purchasing Contract/Schedule numbers.
  • 18th of August, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.92-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.92 includes:
    Update of Training Package Qualification and Unit details.
    Qld: Additional Funding Codes: PAC, SAC and TCP
  • 14th of June, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.91-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.91 includes:
    Vic: Change to mid-year reporting; Enrolments not yet marked that have an end date within the year but after the mid-year reporting point will be exported to avetmiss with a blank outcome rather than the previously used code 70.
  • 5th of May, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.90-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.90 includes:
    Vic: ACFE code listed as a pre 2005 Avetmiss requirement.
    All: User Name does not automatically go upper case, so you can recognise when the capslock is on.
  • 7th of April, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.89-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.89 includes:
    Validation of Dates now done so as not dependant on Control Panel Configuration
  • 6th of April, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.88-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.88 includes:
    Show Course Streams in Course Summary Report Show Course Streams in Enrolment Summary Report Add All Trainee(s) with Course Stream Report
  • 4th of April, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.87-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.87 includes:
    Nsw: Always report Scheduled Hours
    Nsw: Always report Qualification Completed
    Nsw: Fix label on Qualification screen CTP-
  • 1st of April, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.86-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.86 includes:
    Nsw: Fixes to the Avetmiss export rules
    Nsw: Booking ID can be used as well as Course/Site ID
  • 24th of March, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.85-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.85 includes:
    Enrolment Details screen is resizeable
    Course Streams
  • 23rd of February, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.84-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.84 includes:
    Changes to introduce NSW reporting via ePayments.
  • 1st of February, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.83-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.83 includes:
    The Avetmiss menu now includes three years to choose from. i.e. now in 2005 you can still export 2003 data.
  • 24th of January, 2005 Ted-Upgrade-2.82-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.82 includes:
    Update of Training Package Qualification and Unit details.
    Qld: Additional Funding Codes: QWT
  • 25th of November, 2004 Ted-Upgrade-2.81-full (1.3MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.81 includes:
    More adjustments to the Statement of Results Report
    Add menu option Trainee - Filter by - Client
    Add report option Print - List - by Program
    Option Trainee - Filter by - Program now has no no program as an option
    Qld: Additional Funding Codes: ETR, SSQ, SVQ and SVR
  • 11th of November, 2004 Ted-Upgrade-2.78 (590KB) is available.
    Ted version 2.78 includes:
    Fix Statement of Results Report
    Fix Duplicate Listing of Trainees when using Filter by Module
  • 28th of September, 2004 Ted-Upgrade-2.77-full (3.0MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.77 includes:
    Training Packages Updated
    Fix All Trainees Report
    Add Statement of Results Report
    Tas: Rename Training Contract Id to Registration Number
    Tas: Rename Client Id - New Apprenticeship to Trainee Id
    Tas-VIS: Remove Is employment part of training?
    Tas-VIS: Remove Full/part time
    Tas-VIS: Remove Can the program completed over 2 years
    Tas-VIS: Remove Partial certificate enrolment
  • 26th July 2004 Ted-Upgrade-2.76-tas (3.0MB) is available.
    This is a tasmanian specific version of the 2.76 version.
  • 30th July 2004 Ted-Upgrade-2.76-full (3.0MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.76 includes:
    Qld: Additional Funding Code: BTL Back to Learning
  • 29th July 2004 Ted-Upgrade-2.75 (580KB) is available.
    Ted version 2.75 includes:
    A mail merge compliant document can be made when printing a Trainee List, turn on the Format for Mail Merge option in the Print menu before running any of the Trainee List reports.
  • 1st June 2004 Ted-Upgrade-2.74 (580KB) is available.
    Ted version 2.74 includes:
    WA: Question askes about reporting for current plus last year
    Tas: Updates for VET in Schools
    Tas: Enable Purchasing Contract on Module Enrolment screen
    Fix editing behaviour of Qualification Status (including Year & Issued)
  • 27th February 2004 Ted-Upgrade-2.71-full (3.0MB) is available.
    Ted version 2.71 includes:
    Update of the Unit of Competency Wizard listing based on data from NTIS as at February 2004.
    Update of the Qualification Wizard listing.
    Report printing a list of Trainees by Course can show and filter by Program.
  • 10th February 2004 Ted-Upgrade-2.70 (580KB) is available.
    Ted version 2.70 includes:
    Tas: Avetmiss reports the outcome of modules with an end date into the next reporting period as continuing studies (70). This will occur whether the module is marked or not.
  • 2nd February 2004 Ted-Upgrade-2.69-full (2.9MB) is available.
    Ted-Upgrade-2.69 (572KB) is available.
    Ted version 2.69 includes:
    Fix: 2.68 was not exporting Course/Module details to the Avetmiss files (non WA).
  • 30th January 2004
    Ted version 2.68 includes:
    Revised rules for WA dictating what enrolments get exported into the Avetmiss files.
    The rule: Until all enrolments for past years are completed (e.g. none of the previous years training continues into this year) those parst years enrolments get exported with the current years enrolments.
  • 25th November 2003 Ted-Upgrade-2.67-full (3.0MB) is available.
    Ted-Upgrade-2.67 (600KB) is available.
    Ted version 2.67 includes:
    add: Print Trainee list showing Client|Location|Subcontractor of each Trainee
    add: Print Trainee list for Trainees connected to a Client|Location|Subcontractor
    fix: Trainee comment was restricted to 10 chars (database capable of 20 chars)
    fix: Bulk print of Trainees was incorrectly disabled
    tas: Enable and relabel both new apprenticeship fields (contract & client)
    add: Course Program field on Qualification screen , you can use this for your own Course codes or classes or streams
    add: filter List of Trainees by Course Program