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Last Modified: 29 Aug 2017
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TED (Trainee Enrolments Database)

Evaluations by the Office of Post Compulsory Education Training and Employment(OPCETE)
Evaluations by the Queensland Department of Employment and Training(DETIR)

This software package is designed to satisfy the needs of the smaller Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who are required to report to State Training Authorities such as PETE or OPCETE (formerly OTFE) (Victoria), DTIR (Queensland) and others.

It is a No Frills database with limited features and capabilities. However, it is 100% AVETMISS compliant. This means that it will validate data as it is being entered and will export using the current business rules of AVETMISS.

To further assist you, Ted comes equipped with ALL AVETMISS codes and our unique Course and Module Wizard. This allows you to choose a course from one of 7688 courses available and list all the modules (known) within the course and build the course records complete with all the AVETMISS classifications for course and modules. This takes around 20 seconds to create the records of a course containing 20 modules.

As well as the courses and modules, all the Nationally endorsed Training Packages are included and accessed via the Training Package Wizard.

Ted also integrates with ICARE so that when you are ready to upgrade to a more powerful system, all the work you have done will not be wasted.

Ted will only run in 32-bit versions of © Windows XP and Vista, as of November 2009 no testing has been performed on Windows 7.


  • Training Packages Wizard.
  • Course and Module Wizard.
  • Fully AVETMISS Compliant.
  • Export data to any State.
  • AVETMISS Codes built in.
  • Import all data from TED when upgrading to ICARE.
  • Bulk student/trainee enrolments.
  • Runs in © Windows (all Versions including © Windows XP).
  • Very user friendly.
  • AVETMISS Export by Course, Module and Trainee.
  • Summary of NAT files exported.

At $1,155.00 (inc GST) for a single user, it is the lowest priced system on the market yet it out performs others in its category.
Additional users $132 (inc GST).

License Fee:
An annual license fee of $672.00 (inc GST) is payable commencing one year after initial installation. This fee covers all upgrades, changes to the AVETMISS reporting requirements, updates of training packages, phone support etc.

$418.00 rebate is given when upgrading to ICARE.