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Last Modified: 17 Feb 2009
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Main Features of ICARE

Key Features

  • Training Packages are now standard in ICARE.
    No more data entry. Select training package from lookup list, and ICARE will create Unit of Competency records complete with Elements and Performance Criteria.
    (Approved by NTIS for inclusion in ICARE)
  • Course and Module Wizard.
    ICARE comes complete with 7688 course details and 25,587 module details. These details include the AVETMISS codes for classifying course and module information. The Food Industry Training Package is also available. Other Training Packages will soon follow.
  • Multiple institutes can be defined.
    ICARE allows for any number of institute definitions. This means you are able to define institutes with course and module variations, or Training packages with Unit of Competency variations.
  • Multiple Industry Competencies.
  • ICARE allows for any number of Competency Standards and Enterprise Standards to be installed. You can also create and maintain your own Industry-based or Enterprise-based standards.
  • You can mix streams and stages from unrelated industries to create a multi-skilled industry on an individual learner basis. For example, Refrigeration mechanics require the skills from the Electrical, Metals, Plumbing and Mechanical industries.
  • ICARE allows you to define performance criteria, which are deemed to be mandatory to the successful completion of training.
  • Course Enrolments and Assessment.
  • ICARE allows you to enrol trainees in predefined courses, a course tailored to the needs of an individual or individual module.
  • You can enrol a single trainee to a course or enter Bulk Enrolment mode whereby you can select a number of trainees and enrol them in the selected course.
  • While in bulk enrolment mode you can also enrol in single modules or select a number of modules to enrol for the group of trainees selected.
  • Information Exchange.
    ICARE allows organisations to exchange information with other organisations actively engaged in the ongoing training of individuals without losing data integrity.
    This is achieved by employing site authorisation and the allocating of responsibilities with participating organisations.
    Information is exchanged using standard floppy disks or state of the art laser card technology.