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Last Modified: 17 Feb 2009
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The benefits of ICARE

What are the benefits of using ICARE

After selecting a course from one of the 7688 courses available, ICARE will generate the course and module records complete with AVETMISS codes in just 10 seconds.

  • ALL 'Training packages' are included and updated at least twice yearly.
  • Automatically validates using the AVETMISS validation rules.
  • AVETMISS codes included.
  • Very user friedly and easy to maintain.
  • Very flexible (Ideal for flexible training solutions).
  • Multi State reporting with additional state validation requirements.
  • Create 'Data Objects' to capture information not already catered for.
  • Skills analysis based on training profiles.
  • Create reports using your favourite word process using ICARE's OLE objects.
  • Import personal details from other applications (some limitations may apply).
  • Links with custom applications developed by Omniscient Australia for your organisation.
  • Optional Module alows you to;
    • Track the hours against PEPT Contracts for PETE.
    • Record of Attendance.
    • Invoicing and
    • Receipting.
  • Multiple industries competency standards.
  • Multiple college curriculums.
  • Bulk Enrolments in Courses, Modules, Training Packages.
  • Bulk Assess modules for trainees.
  • Print Certificates or Statements of attainment.
  • High level of security including password protection on individual records.
  • Can easily be configured to your organisational needs.
  • Uses state of the art 'Laser Card' technology (optional).
  • Exchange information with other organisations (if required).
  • Runs in all versions of © Windows from 3.1x to © Windows 2000.
  • Multi Document Interface (MDI) allows more than one window to be open at any given time.
  • Multi user or single user.