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Last Modified: 29 Aug 2017
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ICARE Summary

Evaluations by the Office of Post Compulsory Education Training and Employment (OPCETE).
Evaluations by the Queensland Department of Employment and Training (DETIR).

ICARE is designed as a management, recording and reporting tool for skills, competencies and qualifications gained.

ICARE is capable of operating at a number of entity levels, including the individual employee, student or learner, groups of individuals, skill or qualification, point of training or certification.

It is a productivity saving tool for the human resource and training functions within organisations and systems.

Suitable for:

  • Professional and Trade Associations ;
  • Education and Training Systems Institutions ;
  • Enterprises with Well Developed Training and Human Resource Functions ;
  • Group Training Organisations ;
  • TAFE Colleges, Secondary Schools and even Primary Schools ;
  • Private Training Organisations ;
  • Other Associations.

ICARE's design allows it to service a range of organisational types and their respective needs with regard to recording, tracking and accumulating the skills and qualifications of employees, students, trainees and apprentices.


  • Purchase Price: $2,970.00 (inc GST).
    Purchase includes installation and training.
  • Annual License Fee: $1,122.00 (inc GST).
    ICARE is based on a yearly license, which includes support and upgrades. Upgrades include new features, fixes, updated AVETMISS requirements, and training packages. Please note the first year's license fee is included in the purchase price.
The quoted pricing is for a single user license (only one machine can be running ICARE at any one time). Please contact us if you are interested in multiple user licenses.